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ARYS™ pro

ARYS™ pro is a unique system which assists in the rehabilitation of arm and hand function in a clinical setting.

ARYS™ pro

The ARYS™ pro therapy system supports therapy for the upper extremities. The arm tracker helps people with hemiparesis to achieve more motivation in rehabilitation. Learned non-use and undesirable compensatory movements can be prevented. Medical professionals, as well as occupational therapists and physical therapists receive objective data on the actual use of the paretic arm.

ARYS™ pro was specially developed for use in clinical practice. The patient receives two arm trackers during their stay in the rehabilitation facility. Using integrated acceleration sensors, these record all movements of the healthy arm and the paretic arm. The analysis software shows the frequency of movement in a daily, monthly or yearly overview. It is easy to see whether mobilization is increasing, decreasing, or staying the same. The therapy plan can be continuously adjusted building on this platform.

The patient is motivated to use the affected arm even outside the occupational therapy and physical therapy sessions.

Data regarding progress in therapy supports communication with patients, relatives and insurance providers. Even small successes are visible and can be celebrated together.

After the in-patient stay, the ARYS™ me system continues to accompany patients in home therapy.

Illustration Arys me and pro

The system motivates patients to do active independent training outside the therapy sessions.

Illustration hand and pot, pot is held

Everyday activities become part of therapy.

Illustration hand and dice, hand takes dice

Even the smallest arm movements are recorded and visualized in the analysis.

Illustration laptop

The software allows for objective planning and fine-tuning of therapy. Development, progress, and limitations can always be seen at a glance.

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